If you’re an iPhone lover, you’re bound to know about iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 by now and its new Passbook app.

Passbook is fully integrated into iOS 6 and will centrally locate all of your GrabOne coupons. Having this available to iPhone loving Grabbies will greatly simplify managing and finding coupons when you need them.

It’s convenient enough to have your GrabOne coupons stored in Passbook, but Passbook also recognises when you’ve arrived at the business to redeem your coupons and, because it’s time and location aware, can automatically pop up your GrabOne coupon for speedy redemption.

Want to give it a try? It’s super easy:

1 – Open the GrabOne iPhone app

2 – Navigate to my coupons

3 – Within this section, select the coupon you want added to Apple Passbook

4 – When the coupon opens scroll down and click ‘Add to Passbook’

5 – Select add in the top right hand side

6 – Exit the GrabOne app using the home button and open your Passbook app

7 – Your GrabOne coupon will magically appear within Passbook ready for you to redeem!

8 – Clicking the small information button will give you all the details of your GrabOne coupon – like addresses, expiry dates, terms and conditions and what the coupon entitles you to. If you have your location settings on you will get a notification that you have a GrabOne coupon when you’re near that business.

9 -If you want to remove the coupon from Passbook – tap the little bin icon.

Clicking Delete results in a nifty shredding animation as your coupon is removed!