Want To Be An Instant Insider?

We’re on the lookout for 150 GrabOne Instant Insiders that we can give $150 credit to and dress in an awesome FREE tee shirt, so they can buy amazing stuff to eat, see and do using just their mobile phone and the all new GrabOne Instant app, on us!

All you need to do is own a smartphone and have registered your interest with us here (before midnight Thursday the 8th of January) and you’ll be up for selection to become a fully fledged member of the GrabOne Instant mobile wolf pack.

If you have registered your interest and want to know if you’ve been selected, just check your email for a confirmation message from us. Alternatively you can check your account and see if you have been awarded credit.

But That’s Not All…

By becoming an Instant Insider, not only do you get a uber cool limited edition GrabOne Instant tee shirt (available free to Instant Insiders only), you also get the chance to compete with your fellow Insiders to win an iPad 2 + iPhone 4S combo. Sweet aye?

An Image of Gimme dressed as a Ninja slicing through a sign for GrabOne Instant

If I’m Selected, How Do I Keeping #Winning?

We know $150 credit to spend on what you love doing and an awesome free tee to wear while doing it is pretty sweet, but it gets sweeter still.

Simply buy any deal on GrabOne Instant using your free $150 credit, photograph or video yourself and your friends redeeming it, then send it to insider@grabone.co.nz and we will post them up on our GrabOne Facebook page and you’re into win.

It’s that easy to go into the draw and you can enter as many times as you like (one video/photo per entry) as long as your entries are awesome.

And because the competition is limited to just 150 GrabOne Instant Insiders, the likelihood of you winning is even higher. Score. But making it even easier is that we’re going to reward your creativity with more entries, like this:

1. Send us a photo of you redeeming – score 1 entry

2. Send us a photo of you redeeming with 2 (or more) mates – score 3 entries

3. Send us a video of you redeeming – score 2 entries

4. Send us a video of you redeeming with 2 (or more) mates – score 3 entries

5. If someone else sends us a pic of you redeeming in your Instant Insiders T-shirt – score 4 entries!

And if you are in your Instant Insiders tee shirt you can automatically add a bonus entry to numbers 1 – 4.

Hold on, what’s GrabOne Instant?

What’s GrabOne Instant? Only the coolest thing to happen to mobile phones since Angry Birds!  But rather than talk about it, watch the video to find out more: