Hungry for deals?

You don’t remember eating that much over the holiday period, yet your waist seems to have instantly expanded, thus requiring your bank balance to instantly quadruple in size so you can instantly head out this weekend and invest in some serious shopping. Maybe a gym membership while you’re at it.

We’re on the instant buzz too (just wander through our office and you’ll spy a truckload of Grabsters attempting to instantly lose their extra centimetres – to no avail).

But one instant thing we’re pretty good at is expanding – in a good way.

Introducing GrabOne Instant

Give it up for GrabOne Instant, the latest addition to the GrabOne whanau. A revolutionary concept in buying and selling, GrabOne Instant gives you the opportunity to buy stuff where ever you happen to be, via your smart phone, then use the deal instantly too (or pretty soon after).

Wander down the road and your phone will tell you which stores have deals running on Instant. If you like the look of one, grab it – it’s the perfect opportunity to try something new for lunch!

Have lunch, on us!

To celebrate the launch of the awesome new GrabOne Instant, we thought we’d let your try for less. The first 20,000 GrabOne Instant purchases across Auckland and Wellington will receive $5 GrabOne Instant credit – so go on, download the app for iOS or for Android phones, or visit our mobile site on your phones browser and give GrabOne Instant a go.

Check your account (see below image of where you can see it in your GrabOne Instant account) from February the 1st in Auckland and February 8th in Wellington to see your credit and take a mate out for lunch for less – all thanks to your free credit! Just remember, your $5 will expire in two weeks, or after the first 20,000 purchases, and is valid only on GrabOne Instant and not redeemable for cash.

GrabOne Instant kicks off in Auckland on February 1st and then in Wellington on February 8th. Find our more by watching our sweet little vid below.